"whenever I would drink alcohol my face would turn beet red.  It was so embarrassing..."

"sometimes when I would drink alcohol I would feel extremely ill and get these weird rash-like red patches on my face, shoulders, and arms..."

"about one out of every 5 times I consumed alcohol I would get these symptoms as if I was having a stroke - racing heart, prickly sensation on the skin, red face - particularly around the cheeks..."

image of person with severe red face and neck after consuming alcohol.

A red face from alcohol consumption is a condition referred to by many names:

  • Asian Glow
  • Asian Flush
  • Asian Blush
  • Asian Girl Glow
  • Alcohol Allergy
  • Alcohol Intolerance
  • Asian Hangover

This alcohol intolerance condition occurs in 8% of the general population and 50% of the Asian population shortly after consuming alcohol. The most common symptom associate with this condition is a bright red face and red patches or blotches (hives) on the back, shoulders, chest, or legs. There are many other less common symptoms including:

  • racing heart
  • congestion
  • runny nose
  • headache
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • a tingly or prickly skin sensation where the skin is red
  • a much more severe hangover than normal the next day

This web site will reveal everything there is about this condition:

  • what causes red face when drinking alcohol
  • long term health risks associated with this condition
  • what you can do immediately to stop all of the symptoms that occur when consuming alcohol including the red face. This condition is easily treated without a prescription.

Why you get a Red Face after Drinking

A red face after drinking alcohol is a condition in which you get a red face and neck after drinking alcohol, sometimes an embarrassing and bright redness, due to an accumulation of Acetaldehyde in the body. Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase is normally responsible for breaking down acetaldehyde, a byproduct of the metabolism of alcohol... read - Why you get a Red Face after Drinking

Asian Flush Reaction Cause | Asian Flush Reaction Cure

Asian Flush Reaction is a condition 50% of Asian and about 5% of non Asian people experience an unpleasant reaction to drinking alcohol. In some people this alcohol flush reaction occurs even with a slight amount of alcohol. This is due to a genetic variant in the ALDH2 gene. Alcohol Flush Reaction is mainly due to... read -Asian Flush Reaction Cause | Asian Flush Reaction Cure

STOP Asian Flushing and Red Face When Drinking Alcohol

Asian red facial flushing when drinking beer, wine or any beverages with alcohol can be both embarrassing and unhealthy. Asian red face flush and other Asian Flush symptoms make you stand out visually in social situations and can make you feel sick preventing your enjoyment of alcoholic beverages. The solution to stop Asian...  read - how to stop Red Face Flush when Drinking

The No Red Face Formula - No Red Face Formula Review

What is the no red face formula? The No Red Face Formula is an empirically tested step-by-step program that will cure your alcohol induced red face, as well as prevent other accompanying Asian flush related symptoms such as headaches, nausea, hives and itching. How well does the No Red Face Formula work?   read - No Red Face Formula Reivew

Alcohol Facial Redness Treatment

Cures for red face and other symptoms after consuming alcohol are extremely limited due to increasing tolerance for alcohol consumption is not priority to the medical community. There are currently two choices for preventing red face and other symptoms after consuming alcohol...  read - Facial Redness Treatment related to Asian Glow

Asians and Alcohol Red Face

A red face from alcohol consumption can occur in any race but Asians by far are the individuals most genetically prone to the effects of Asian Glow condition. Approximately 8% of non Asians experience red face after consumption of alcohol with 50% of Asians are prone to this condition...  read - Asians and Alcohol Red Face

Signs of Alcohol Allergy in addition to Red Face

Although a red face after consuming alcohol is the most common symptom experienced by individuals with the Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase deficiency it is far from the only symptom. Additional symptoms often experienced by alcohol allergic individuals in addition to red face include...  read - Signs of Alcohol Allergy/Asian Flush

Esophageal Cancer and Alcohol

Regular consumption of alcohol has been linked to the increased risk of certain kinds of cancer mostly because the bodies processing and metabolizing alcohol involves increased levels of Acetaldehyde in the body which is a known carcinogen. For people who get a red face after consuming alcohol the risk is significantly...  read - Esophageal Cancer and Alcohol Allergy

Pictures of Allergic Reaction to Alcohol

These pictures of peoples allergic reaction to alcohol vividly display the red face and red patches/blotches on the skin. I must warn you some of these pictures are quite graphic and slightly disturbing...  view Pictures of Allergic Reaction to Alcohol

Afraid to Drink because of Asian Flush??

Are you afraid to drink alcohol because of Asian Flush and Asian Flush symptoms? We can't say we blame you for being afraid to drink because the Asian flush symptoms can be embarrassing, extremely uncomfortable, and frankly Asian Flush symptoms are a complete pain in the ass BUT you no longer need to be afraid to drink because...  read - Afraid to Drink Asian Flush

How to Prevent Asian Flush Asian Glow

To effectively and reliably prevent Asian Flush and all the Asian Flush symptoms it is surprising to learn there are no reliable and effective medicines/prescriptions available to treat and prevent Asian Flush and all its annoying, embarrassing, and even life threatening conditions. There is one prescriptions medicine called...  read - How to Prevent Asian Flush

Allergic Reaction to Alcohol | Alcohol Allergy Symptoms

Do you experience an allergic reaction to alcohol? Alcohol allergy symptoms are many and varied and the severity of allergic reactions to alcohol can vary from no alcohol allergy symptoms some times when you drink to a full blown allergic reaction other times which can make the whole phenomena of alcohol allergy even more...  read - Alcohol Allergy Symptoms

Five Tips to Avoid Asian Glow Red Face After Consuming Alcohol

One thing all Asian Glow Asian Flush sufferers can count on after drinking an alcohol laden beverage is the red face from alcohol symptom and perhaps many additional symptoms of alcohol intolerance. Follow these simple and effective tips to avoid Asian Glow and other red faced alcohol consumption symptoms proven effective to...  read - Five Tips to Stop Asian Flush